Respect is a kind of power, and we should strive to value every life equally.

By respecting each shareholder, investor, manager, employee, supplier, distributor and customer, we are committed to providing a platform for them to jointly achieve their value and benefits and make their dream come true to the greatest extent. 

We respect our community (society), pay taxes as required, provide employment opportunities and take social responsibilities proactively.


We believe that integrity is more important than intelligence.

In the situation of asymmetric information, integrity and transparency are particularly important.

There are dark and good sides in humanity. However, people's good side can shine if we curb the dark tendencies while they are in the bud. 'Being taking advantage of is a blessing.' We should become 'a person who is useful to others'.  

Treat others frankly, keep our promise and reduce the communication cost; envisage different opinions and resolutely carry out the agreement once it is concluded. 

Transparency shows our confidence. More importantly, it reveals our responsibility towards our consumers.


We fully understand that there will not be innovation without learning; without innovation, the enterprise cannot keep its competitive edge. Therefore, BY-HEALTH advocates “endless innovation” and strives to do well under given conditions. 

Innovation derives from learning and simulation is also a kind of innovation. Endless innovation always keeps us one step ahead of our competitors.


BY-HEALTH emphasizes on team spirit, and replaces individualistic heroism with corporate process management. Optimise individuation with corporate procedure, and improve fixed process with individuality.

BY-HEALTH respects individual demands and choices, pays close attention to individual feelings and recognizes individual values. It advocates to cultivating professional managers based on the same common values.


'Happiness' advocated by BY-HEALTH is neither based on material, nor aiming at it. Happiness is a pure emotion; it does not have any motives.

BY-HEALTH hopes to establish a happy and flexible organization tolerating the difference, eliminating the conflicts, respecting the personality and pooling individual intelligence, which advocates the employees to working happily rather than striving arduously.

BY-HEALTH is committed to creating a harmonious and happy working environment for the employees to enjoy work, live a happy life and deliver such happiness to their family members and friends. We believe that happy employees may provide the customers with higher quality products and services.


Corporate Culture