Environmental Protection

BY-HEALTH also actively takes part in the public benefit activities of the environmental protection. On the "World Environment Day", it held the riding activity to deliver the environmental protection concept to the public; it also developed the micro-environmental protection activity of "finding out more beautiful flowers and grass of the Company", advocating the white-collar workers to take part in the environmental protection by planting the office green plants. It also takes part in the “Earth Hour” lighting-out activity each year and joins the Green Office action initiated by WWF to propose the employees to undertake the environmental protection responsibility during daily office work. 

BY-HEALTH is always paying attention to and participating in the environmental protection. It not only takes it into consideration during production and operation, but also proactively takes part in public benefit activities, advocates its concept and practices the relevant responsibilities in this area. 

In order to improve the environmental management ability and reduce the impacts of the production and operation activities on the environment, the Company has established the environmental management system and had got the ISO14001 certification. After performing a risk assessment for factors impacting on the environment, the company formulated continuous improvement measures and set up the Environment Protection and Safety Department to coordinate the relative work. Its responsible person is in charge of the environmental management and each department appoints an environmental management coordinator to take part in daily environmental management work. 

During production and operation, the company continuously optimizes and transforms the production equipment to reduce the use of such resources as water, electricity and gas and enhance the use efficiency; meanwhile, it performs optimization in terms of product packaging and packing materials, minimizing their quantities by using the environmental-friendly ones and designing the recyclable bottle covers to reduce their impacts on the environment.