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Integrating Production, Education, Research and Application to Build the R&D Application Ecosystem of “Precision Nutrition”

SIBS and BY-HEALTH Jointly Initiate the Alliance of Precision Nutrition: Research and Application


On November 7, 2017, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences (SIBS) and BY-HEALTH Co., Ltd. took the lead in initiating the "Alliance of Precision Nutrition: Research and Application” (hereinafter referred to as the “Alliance”) with The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and BASF, the Germany-based global leader in nutrition industry, at the “2017 International Conference of Precision Health and Precision Nutrition” held in Shanghai.


Building a Collaboration Platform Integrating Production, Education, Research and Application

The development of "Precision Nutrition" is inseparable from the promotion of authoritative scientific research institutions and leading enterprises as well as the cooperation and innovation from R&D to market application. Based on this consensus, the SIBS and BY-HEALTH Co., Ltd. took the lead in initiating the Alliance of Precision Nutrition: Research and Application, a collaboration platform dedicated to the development of the R&D and application of Precision Nutrition, with TNO and BASF. For the first time, the Alliance has brought together top scientific research institutes and well-known industrial giants in the field of nutrition and health at home and abroad. Such a high-profile alliance, which is rare in the industry, will be the most resourceful and dynamic research platform in global industry of Precision Nutrition.

The Alliance will not only focus on the theoretical development of Precision Nutrition, but also realise the settlement of the Precision Nutrition industry through coordination and integration of internal resources and channels, namely, building an ecosystem of R&D and application through horizontal cooperation among scientific research institutes and universities and vertical linkage between the upstream and downstream sectors of the macro health industry to realize the integration of production, education, research and application so as to provide “Precision Nutrition” with transformation channels and business models from theory to industry. Therefore, as for membership control, the Alliance will implement a strict membership qualification mechanism and require the member institutions and enterprises to agree with the “academic research and market application concepts of Precision Nutrition” so as to sufficiently ensure resource sharing and mutual benefits inside the Alliance and promote the theoretical research and industrial transformation of “Precision Nutrition”.


It is learned that the Alliance has established specific action plans for the next stage of work, which will be carried out in order. For example, in terms of industrial transformation, the Alliance will set up the "Scientific Research Foundation for Precision Nutrition", which, on the one hand, provides universities and research institutes with required fund for scientific research, and, on the other hand, provides enterprises with support for R&D and activity of products so as to build a bridge of communication and cooperation between institutions and enterprises; meanwhile, the Alliance will also provide an industrial transformation platform for research outcomes so as to achieve efficient conversion from science and technology to the market. The Alliance will also take a number of actions in terms of industrial standards and information interaction, such as the establishment of relevant technologies and standards required for the development of the Precision Nutrition industry and timely delivery of cutting-edge theories of the world and public education.


BY-HEALTH: Deep Exploration in Precision Nutrition R&D to Support the Construction of a Healthy China

At a press conference on "National Nutrition Plan" held in July this year, the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) stated that "national nutrition is of high significance for the improvement of the health and quality of the people as well as the social and economic development.” As a frontier field of nutrition research, “Precision Nutrition” has a lot to do with the goal of achieving a "Healthy China.”


As a leading company in dietary supplements, BY-HEALTH has been deeply exploring in the field of nutrition. In recent years, with the changes in national demands and the progress in scientific research and technology, BY-HEALTH has also adjusted and updated its research directions towards nutrition on a timely basis: on the one hand, it has turned to the R&D of individualised, i.e., precision nutrition technologies while developing towards the concept of individualised nutrition products and services. For example, in 2017, it cooperated with TNO, Pfizer and BASF in the comprehensive assessment system for individual health and the precision nutrition intervention projects, which have laid a foundation for scientific and systematic definition of health assessment standards; meanwhile, BY-HEALTH also cooperated with global leading enterprises and research institutes in the field of dried blood spot (DBS) technology to jointly set up China’s first automatic DBS testing center targeting nutrition and health testing at Zhuhai Transparent Factory, and such customised nutrient products and technical services based on diet and lifestyle analysis, DBS testing and gene testing, etc. are also under development. On the other hand, the company focuses on its own R&D strategies of the products, including innovative R&D of new functions, application of new materials and in-depth mechanism research of functional products, etc.


In order to improve the level of scientific research and create more precise nutritional products, BY-HEALTH, in recent years, has accelerated the cooperation with the international authorities of scientific research and successively signed global strategic R&D cooperation agreements with such institutions and enterprises as the Rowett Institute of the University of Aberdeen, The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research TNO, Fonterra Co-operative Group of New Zealand, BASF in Germany, DSM in the Netherlands, Naturex in France and Indena in Italy.