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 “The Brain” VS “Interstellar”, “Imaginative” Dialog Striking the By-Health Nutrition Exploratorium 

“What is extraterrestrial life like?”

 “Can humans live in other planets?”

 “Which will humans put into practice first, immortality or time travel?”

On July 23, Jiang Changjian, the compere of “The Brain”, and Kip Thorne, a Nobel Prize winner in physics, attended the opening ceremony of By-Health’s nutrition exploratorium in Zhuhai, China, unveiling the hall by answering the preceding three “exploratory” questions.

As its name implies, the hall is a creative exhibition hall themed by “nutrition exploration”. Different from other exhibition halls, the nutrition exploratorium is equipped with a variety of cutting-edge techniques and integrates popular nutriology, health examination, sightseeing pleasure sharing and other activities of experience-typed interaction. At the opening ceremony of the nutrition exploratorium, Liang Yunchao, Chairman of By-Health, expressed his expectation and dream. He announced the goals of the exploration hall: to popularize nutritional knowledge, discover, decode and explore nutrition, focus on human future and life secret, and drive scientific development and progress.

 “The Brain” & Nobel Prize Winner, “Opening up Eyes” in the Exploration Hall

To explore the universe and life, humans are exploring unknown territories in essence. The universe is grand but mysterious while life is short but bright. Both draw humans to keep moving forward for exploration. Kip Thorne, a Nobel Prize winner for physics, shared his insight about “exploration” at the opening ceremony of the nutrition exploratorium. “From the big bang to black hole and gravitational wave inclusive, humans have kept reforming their understanding on the universe and hereby embarked on a new journey of a massive scale over and over.”

The compere Jiang Changjian raised three imaginative questions: “What is extraterrestrial life like” “Can humans live in other planets?” and “Which will humans put into practice first, immortality or time travel?” Then Thorne gave a simple but profound reply with wit and humor, “greatly opening up eyes” of guests present.

In addition, the new-generation idol Cai Xukun and pianist Maksim also gave their artistic interpretation and communicated on the topic of “exploration” in the exploration hall, who caused bursts of applause by interacting and sharing with visitors on stage.


In Exploration for Arts of Life, By-Health Creating a “Great Dream”

The construction of the nutrition exploratorium commenced in 2017, whose investment amount exceeded CNY 100 million. The well-designed exterior of the building is based on the “Möbius Strip”, indicating “endless circle of life”. Inside are a mass of the most popular hi-tech immersive interactive experience programs based on acoustic, optic, electric and other multimedia techniques, which enables the public to have fun in learning nutrition and health knowledge through unprecedented visual impact and sensual experience while inspiring their desire to explore and share of their own accord.

The hall falls into many exhibition areas including nutrition exploration area, health test area and children’s planet area among others. To be specific, the nutrition exploration area equipped with immersive projection and AR interaction among other techniques introduces the public to a fantastic space for life exploration by infinite power; the health examination area provides gene test, pressure test and other hi-tech health examination items and such services as professional report analysis and customized health management.

 “Bioscience and interdisciplinary techniques are booming, poised for some day when humans make a radical movement to their awareness of diseases, senescence and even death. As humans prolong life span, they more value a better quality of life.” At the opening ceremony, Liang Yunchao shared his view, “Upon the inauguration of the professional and imaginative By-Health nutrition exploratorium, I wish we will stay curious about life and the world and explore them with courage.” In the future, By-Health will make more exploratory attempts in health management, e.g., research and transfer of results in the frontier of “precision nutrition”; it will establish a strategic partnership with AliHealth to provide precision health management services by sharing each other’s big data of millions of users.


The nutrition exploratorium conveys the company’s spirit of exploration and implies its unremitting pursuit of leading the public to understand bioscience and nutritional mysteries. We’ve just begun our “journey” of life exploration and will unlock the “infinite” health value in the future.