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By-Health signed the Master Collaboration Agreement with Fonterra Limited, focusing in the fields of protein and specific probiotics                                                                                                                                

On October 14, 2019, By-Health Co Limited (hereinafter referred to as“By-Health”)signed the Master Collaboration Agreement with Fonterra Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Fonterra") of New Zealand, and both parties will jointly carry out extensive cooperation in the fields of protein and specific probiotics. 

As specified in the agreement, By-Health and Fonterra will mainly focus on the material selection, efficacy study, and product development of special functional protein, specific probiotics,anti-aging functional ingredients and the joint research in precise nutrition intervention based on protein. 

As a global dairy company that develops, manufactures and supplies dairy products throughout the world, Fonterra is committed to providing high-quality dairy protein raw materials and innovative raw materials meeting the needs in nutrition at all stages of life for customers around the world. Its raw material business features childhood nutrition, medical treatment and elderly nutrition, sports and active lifestyle nutrition, core dairy products and others.  

Founded in October 1995, By-Health serves as a leading enterprise in dietary nutrition supplement around the world. In 2002, it took the initiative in systematically introducing the Vitamin & Dietary Supplements(VDS) into China. In 2018, it acquired multiple overseas enterprises such as Life-Space, a well-known brand of probiotics in Australia and Penta-Vite, a brand of child nutritional supplement with a history of more than 70 years owned by Bayer. Always following the global raw material strategy, By-Health has gathered high-quality raw materials around the world to produce high-quality nutrients, and continues to focus on the collaborative innovation R&D of "new functions, new materials and new technologies". 

Before signing this agreement, Fonterra used to serve as an important quality supplier of raw materials of By-Health, and the cooperation this time may further intensify the relationship between the two companies, which may further improve the innovation ability of By-Health in the healthy and accurate nutrition solutions of the whole population and help By-Health expand and improve its layout in lactoprotein-related functional food. In the meantime, with the scientific research and technical strength of Fonterra in probiotics, By-Health may better its innovation ability in probiotic products for specific population and functional areas. 

Both companies stated that they would cooperate with each other for mutual development, making it possible to achieve greater breakthroughs in scientific researches on lactoprotein and specific probiotics and create greater health values for consumers around the world.