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By-Health Cooperates with Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health, CAS in Anti-aging Research


The world is challenged by many issues related to nutrition and health as a result of the aging population. Consequently, scientific research on aging and elderly health, and nutrition intervention have become the common topics globally. On the 17th of October, By-Health, the leading global enterprise in Vitamin & Dietary Supplements (VDS) , announced the jointly establishment of “Nutritional and Anti-aging Research Center” (hereinafter referred to as “Research Center”) with the top Chinese research institution of nutrition science, Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health, CAS. 

The Research Center will focus on: research on aging and anti-aging mechanism, aging evaluation and the establishment of anti-aging material screening system; the establishment and improvement of multi-omics database, accurate nutrition assessment and chronic disease prediction model; the establishment, research and development of management model and precise nutrition intervention program for the geriatric health. To make a great contribution to geriatric health, it will create an industry-university-research ecological circle, where it can apply results from the laboratory to dining table and transform raw material from R&D to application.


According to Dr. Zhang Xuguang, the co-Director of Research Center and the Director of the Science and Technology Center of By-Health, the Research Center will be committed in cooperating internationally in technological projects covering aging mechanism, aging evaluation technology and aging nutrition intervention. It will also cooperate with other reputable institutions to select natural products and compounds with specific efficacy and perform functional verification of related products. Additionally, it will carry out relevant research using cells, animal models and human intervention. In the future, the Research Center will be committed to geriatric health management system, applied algorithm and AI application technology. With the development of biological information database related to geriatric health, it will promote the application of scientific evidence to benefit healthy aging. According to Dr. Lin Xu, Director of the Research Center and researcher of Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health, CAS, with the joint efforts of the research teams, they will look at aging mechanism, multi-omics aging queue, nutrition intervention and analysis and application of big data. In order to construct a key bridge from basic research to industrial application, the Research Center will participate in key deployment projects launched by the nation and CAS, thereby , serving areas related to geriatric health while promoting the development of scientific research and drive the program of “Healthy China 2030”. 

In the meantime, By-Health has established partnership with four world-class top suppliers of raw materials, namely, BASF, Fonterra Limited, DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences, and IFF Health. All parties will play to their advantages in scientific research, product technology and talent cultivation and carry out research on anti-aging and nutrition intervention with concerted efforts. 

In order to further deploy the innovative R&D in anti-aging, application of new materials, and in-depth research on functional products, By-Health plans to establish an “Overseas R&D Center” in the future as a platform for transformation from basic research to industrial application. It will also provide more references for industrial innovation and boost the development of national health.