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BY-HEALTH Donates 10 Million Yuan to the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Battlefront


The highly contagious coronavirus has become the shared concern of billions of Chinese. On January 27th, BY-HEALTH Co., Ltd. donated 10 million yuan to China Charity Federation and established a “special funds for novel coronavirus pneumonia”. The fund will be used for supporting and rewarding the medical personnel of coronavirus pneumonia battlefront, and purchasing medical protective supplies and medicine.

In the days of family reunion, groups of medical personnel from all over the country, despite insufficient medical protective supplies, marched to the battlefront of the epidemic. These courageous acts well demonstrated "doctors with benevolence". They fight hard to build up a defense line to protect people from the deadly virus. Their great efforts and sacrifices, their selfless dedication and humanitarian spirit are praiseworthy! While appreciating their hard work, we also concern about their health, because protecting them from the epidemic is protecting ourselves. We should offer them with timely support and aid, and free them from any worry. It is how we should show our respect!

When we are united at one, we can definitely defeat against novel coronavirus pneumonia!