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BY-HEALTH Makes its Third-Time Donation, Offering Vitamin C and Some Other Nutrition Supplies Worth 11 Million Yuan to Support Hospitals at the Battlefront


Driven by righteous ardor, absolute sincerity, and strong conscientiousness, tens of thousands of medical personnel have assembled across the country to support Hubei. When they are fighting day and night at the forefront of the COVID-19 epidemic, it is incumbent upon us to guard them safe and sound! At this moment, no man is an island!

On February 20th, BY-HEALTH once again donated dietary supplements worth more than 11 million yuan to help Leishenshan Hospital and other hospitals fighting on the frontline across the country. This has been the third donation made by BY-HEALTH following the 10 million yuan donation made on January 27th to set up a "Special Funds against COVID-19", and the nutrition supplies donation worth more than 11 million yuan made on February 10th. These three donations have accumulated to a total amount of over 32 million yuan.

The nutrition supplies donated this time consist of more than 65,000 sets of dietary supplements including vitamin C, protein powder and probiotics. They will be sent to medical personnel of 12 designated hospitals and community health centres such as Leishenshan Hospital, Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, Wuhan Third Hospital, Wuhan Fourth Hospital (Pu'ai Hospital) and Wuhan No. 7 Hospital, and also to the disease control personnel in various places. In the meantime, Chinese Nutrition Society, Hubei Nutrition Society and Guangdong Nutrition Society have provided solid support to facilitate this donation.

The battle against COVID-19 epidemic is now entering a decisive stage. We believe that no winter lasts forever, and every spring is sure to follow. Let's join hands and triumph over the epidemic together!