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Young and Fresh, Initiation of BYHEALTH’s Brand Upgrade


BYHEALTH has initiated its brand upgrade once again in May 2020 by launching the new logo and product packaging, presenting a younger and fresher image to the consumers.

The new logo design is simple and refreshing. It adopts a brighter red with rhythmic streamline, which is a great balance of stability and agility and is trendy internationally. The younger and fresher visual identity is more recognizable, and echoes with what BYHEALTH advocates that an open, passionate and positive attitude towards healthy life is the greatest respect to life !


The English logo is updated simultaneously as well. 

    Moreover, the product packaging has been upgraded to new looks.

The new packaging design is minimalist and artistic. Inspired by that the raw materials of BYHEALTH are sourced from 23 countries, the previous figurative icons on the packages have been upgraded to more abstract and artistic one. The overall packaging design is younger, simpler and more artistic, which is the very best way to elaborate the concept of natural, minimalist, refined and future-exploring products. The new packaging outstands the advantages of raw materials sourced from 23 countries and technological innovations. The new looks are appealing to the younger generation who has increasing needs of VDS (Vitamin & Dietary Supplements).

The brand-new logo and packaging precisely and artistically visualize the genes of BYHEALTH  which is to craft the art of nutrition by the art of nature and science. It relays a message that the high-quality nutritional supplements of BYHEALTH are not for users, but for your families and friends.  

BYHEALTH has been upgrading its logo and following the trend of the young and simplicity to keep the pace with the times. Being upgraded from version to version, its logo is becoming more and more transparent and vibrant with a strong sense of modernity and internationalism. The new logo in 2020 indicates the attitude of BYHEALTH to grow together with the new generation.

    According to BYHEALTH, the brand upgrade is a response to the trend of the times, but also a pioneering initiative orients to the future. As an industry leader, BYHEALTH aims to increase the volume of VDS in China at a decent growth rate. At the threshold of the new era, with its new brand image and the future-oriented attitude, BYHEALTH expects to unlock the potential market of VDS in China by six-fold growth. In the future, it will give a full play to its brand advantages to create more values for its consumers’ health!

* (Data from Euromonitor 2017)