Malnutrition of school-age children in impoverished areas in China is not optimistic. In order to improve this situation, BY-HEALTH jointly launched "Improvement Program of School-age Children's Nutrition in Poverty-stricken Areas" in 2012 with Chinese Nutrition Society (CNS), Global Child Nutrition Foundation (GCNF) and Mr. Yao Ming. The three-year program provided free nutrient enrichment formula powder for students of 18 rural primary schools in Guangdong, Hubei and Hebei Provinces for 9 months to supplement their nutrients in a targeted way and benefited nearly 10,000 students by dint of nutrition propaganda and education. Summary Report of Improvement Program of School-age Children's Nutrition in Poverty-stricken Areas shows that the students improved significantly in nutrition, health, rate of iron-deficiency anemia and growth retardation, growth in stature and morbidity after nine months of nutrition intervention.


Relevant leaders and experts of National Health and Family Planning Commission, China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment, Ministry of Agriculture, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, etc. attended the press conference on program results.


Program Result in Guangdong Province

Program Result in Hubei Province

Program Result in Hebei Province

Improvement of Children's Nutrition