BY-HEALTH cooperated with Zhuhai Charity Federation to set up "Zhuhai Charity Federation - BY-HEALTH Charity Foundation" in 2012. The special fund is mainly used for subsidy of impoverished university students and needy workers as well as continuous support for Hope Primary School, nutrition improvement for children and nutritional supporting education

Subsidy of Impoverished University Students

BY-HEALTH initiated “Most Needy Freshmen Hunt” in 2010 to help impoverished university students to finish their study. The activity mainly subsidizes university students from poor families in tuition to help them to realize their dream of study through recommendation of internal employees and online selection. More than ¥600,000 of subsidy has been issued, benefiting over 100 impoverished freshmen.

Charitable Product Donation


On May 19th 2008, BY-HEALTH immediately donated over 10,000 bottles of vitamin C tablet through Red Cross Society of Zhuhai, and sent them to the disaster area to supplement nutrition for victims and rescuers after Wenchuan earthquake.


In August 2010, BY-HEALTH donated 1,000 boxes of Kidskit composite coloctrum powder and 2,000 boxes of Kidskit coloctrum formula powder, totaling¥484,000, to Sanzao Town government to bring health to more people during “Guangdong Day of Poverty Alleviation”. Everyone only lives once and should be respected.


In September 2010, 1134 teachers and students from "BY-HEALTH Hope Primary Schools" in Nanxiong of Guangdong, Fuxin Mongolia Autonomous County, Huai' an of Jiangsu and Lancang County of Yunnan received a special gift -- nutrition and health products worth about ¥1.3 million donated by BY-HEALTH to help them to improve their daily nutrition and immunity, and enable the children to win at the starting line of nutrition supply.


In 2011, BY-HEALTH cooperated with Charity Promotion Association of Zhuhai to donate nutrition and health products totaling ¥220,000 to gerocomiums, children welfare institutes and charity rescue stations in Zhuhai to help lonely seniors and orphans there to improve their nutrition and promote their health.


In August 2014, BY-HEALTH immediately donated money and materials worth ¥500,000 to the disaster area through Zhuhai Charity Federation to help people there to pull through after earthquake in Ludian County, Yunnan.

BY-HEALTH cooperated with Yao Foundation for five consecutive years from 2013 to 2019 to support Yao Foundation Basketball Season of Hope Primary School by donating nutrition products and cash worth over 2 million yuan to tens of thousands of students to help them to supplement nutrition and better enjoy the happiness from health and exercise.


In April 2016, BY-HEALTH set up a volunteer association to help needy employee families, carry out fixed-point public benefit activities in impoverished villages, including consolation during festivals, healthy psychological guidance and donation, and organize nutrition exploration and physical examination for children and villagers of impoverished areas free of charge.

Public Benefit Project for People with Disabilities

Physical defects of the disabled affect their life and work, and have many psychological influences. In order to help the disabled to improve their living skills and better adapt to the society, the company cooperated with NGO Driving Force Public Service Development Center Chengdu, to support its public benefit projects for caring for the disabled.

Advocation of Green Life and Fulfilment of Environmental Protection Responsibility

Environment-friendly riding activity. BY-HEALTH cooperated with Sina Weibo Account Tongcheng Club for four consecutive years from 2011 to 2014 to carry out environment-friendly public benefit riding activity themed with "Life is Movement, Respond to All-round Fitness" in Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Changsha and Hefei to advocate healthy and environment-friendly life concept and call on citizens to focus on environmental protection and health.


  "Earth Hour 2012". BY-HEALTH cooperated with Charity Promotion Association of Zhuhai in Earth Hour activities, and advocated environment-friendly concept through riding and theme party, etc. In addition, it proposed measures to protect our environment in the company, such as recycling use of waste paper, 28℃ air-conditioner setting and one-hour light-off, calling on all employees to practice green and environment-friendly actions.


The company launched "Micro Environmental Protection for a Green World" --- "Snapshot of Green Plants in Office" through Sina "BY-HEALTH official Weibo” to welcome “World Environment Day” on June 5th in 2012. It distributed global seeds to netizens for them to plant to call on them to add green to their offices and support environmental protection with practical action.


BY-HEALTH carried out micro environmental protection activity to look for “the most beautiful flower and grass in office”, transmitted environment-friendly concept and advocated environment-friendly action that can be taken by everyone on World Environment Day on June 5 in 2014.


BY-HEALTH launched “Healthy Internet + Carnival” with Yao Ming in Beijing in May 2015. 100 corporate executives took part in plank and other interesting athletic activities and jointly announce Declaration of Healthy Internet Investment, advocating focus on and management of health of employees in rapidly growing new economy of Internet.

BY-HEALTH participated in "Yaopao•24-hour City Relay Match" in groups on December 24th 2016, donating money to Hope Primary School of Yao Foundation and ALS Foundation by 24-hour 202km relay race, and practicing BY-HEALTH's "Give more and share more" public benefit concept with sweat and enthusiasm in running.

In January 2020, as COVID-19 epidemic touched the hearts of hundreds of millions of Chinese, BY-HEALTH established "Special Funds against COVID-19" with the donation of 10 million yuan to support and reward medical personnel. In February, the Company made a two-time donation of nutrition supplies totally worth over 22 million yuan to support frontline medical and disease control personnel. Meanwhile, BY-HEALTH donated 1,000 infrared thermometers to "Zhuhai emergency headquarters for epidemic prevention and control". These three donations have accumulated to a total amount of over 32 million yuan.


In August 2017, Super Typhoon Hato, the strongest storm in past 53 years, swept Zhuhai city of Guangdong Province. After the storm, 100 volunteers from BY-HEALTH assisted Zhuhai Sanzao Town Government Affairs Center in the cleanup and clearance of fallen trees, providing strong support to the city’s post-typhoon relief and rebuilding. 

Public Welfare and Environmental Protection