In order to popularize nutrition and health knowledge and enhance public cognition of nutrition and health, BY-HEALTH formally launched the large health public benefit program "China Tour of Health & Nutrition Express" at the third international nutrition and health industry expo in April 2011. Over¥10 million is invested in "Health Express" of BY-HEALTH, each of which is equipped with first-rate health detection instruments and mainly provides health detection and nutrition consultation. Health detection covers three high-end detection items: body composition, bone density and artery health; nutrition consultation includes detailed interpretation of physical examination report, nutrition and health consultation and health knowledge education.


By December 2019, China Tour of Health & Nutrition Express by BY-HEALTH had been to 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, accumulatively holding 3,480 activities, providing free detection in body composition, bone density and arteriosclerosis for over 1.5 million people, and bringing first-hand data for us to know health of Chinese residents. 

Introduction of Instruments

Body Composition Tester from South Korea

The tester accurately measures content of minerals, protein, water, fat, etc. in body and enable us to know our degree of obesity and situation of nutrition by principle of bioelectrical impedance analysis.

Bone Strength Tester from Israel

The tester can measure multiple parts of peripheral bones in a painless, non-invasive and radiationless way, and eradicate influence of soft issue to obtain accurate result by Omnipath™ ultrasonic bone axis transmission patent technology.

X-ray Bone Density Analyzer from the United States

SPT bone density analyzer is used to test bone density and forecast danger of fracture and osteoporosis.

Arteriosclerosis Tester from Japan

Patented “waveform analysis and blood vessel evaluation” (WAVE) technology is used to examine the elasticity and occlusion of blood vessel, playing an important role in preventing three highs and cardio-cerebrovascular diseases of adults.

Detector of Early Diabetes Risk from France

New European patented technology of sweat gland function evaluation is used to forecast risk of diabetes and complications in a non-invasive, accurate, simple and quick way.

BY-HEALTH National Health Report

BY-HEALTH has been publishing BY-HEALTH National Health Report in collaboration with multiple domestic authoritative and professional institutions since 2011, in light of the increasingly frequent chronic diseases in recent years. The report is the first national health report initiated by an enterprise in China. Experts in nutrition and health care industry interpreted and spoke highly of the report at the press conference.


Based and modeled on the survey data of "China Tour of Health & Nutrition Express", the report discusses the health conditions of Chinese residents in obesity, osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease etc. Since 2014, the report has gradually launched a series of health indexes, including bone index, life index, muscle index and joint index. BY-HEALTH National Health Report calls on the society to focus on healthy lifestyle and improve quality of life. BY-HEALTH will continue to carry out the public benefit activity in a down-to-earth way to do its bit for national health.

List of Reports

Health & Nutrition Express