Innovative R&D 

Innovative R&D

As of December 31,2016, BY-HEALTH has obtained 125 health food approval certificates. 

As of December 31,2016, BY-HEALTH has had 90 patents in total (including its subsidiaries), comprised of 19 patents for invention, 36 patents for utility models and 35 patents for design. 

As of December 31,2016, BY-HEALTH has undertaken 12 special projects in Guangdong Province and 9 special projects in Zhuhai City. 

Health Food Registration, Intellectual Property Rights and Scientific Projects 

With strong R&D strength and unswerving pursuit for high product quality, the Science and Technology Centre cooperates with domestic and international top scientific research institutions in the nutrition field and global quality raw material suppliers to establish the "Open Innovation Platform" for joint innovative R&D collaborations. It successively establishes the R&D cooperative relationship with Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, CAS, Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health, University of Aberdeen and Fonterra Co-operative Group, New Zealand and joined NuGO (European Nutrigenomics Organization) in May 2016. BY-HEALTH promotes the internationalisation of scientific research cooperation of the health food industry by jointly developing several transnational scientific research projects and applying for the international scientific research funds. 

Open Innovation Platform for joint innovative R&D collaborations

Based on the "Open Innovation Platform for joint innovative R&D collaborations", BY-HEALTH has been planning and developing series of R&D activities relating to “Precision Nutrition”. The product R&D focuses on new function, new raw material and new formulation. The technology R&D focuses on precision nutrition including new bio-markers, new medical devices, new evaluating methods, nutrigenomics, health database and intelligent algorithm et al. It collaborates with domestic and international top scientific research institutions to occupy the industrial commanding heights of scientific research, transformation and commercial application platform relating to Precision Nutrition technologies. 

"Precision Nutrition" Strategy 

The Nutrition Scientific Research Foundation of BY-HEALTH (hereinafter referred to as "the Foundation") was established in 2012. The Foundation is committed to the promotion and support of scientific research projects, to invest in R&D innovation and practical application research of Vitamin & Dietary Supplements, and to be used for Industry-Academia-Research projects in order to attract and mobilise technology resources to conduct research on Vitamin & Dietary Supplements industry and its relevant fields. 

The priority funding research areas of the Foundation include efficacy research on Vitamin & Dietary Supplements, popularization of science in community, health management (common chronic diseases) and personalized nutrition intervention plan. Since 2016, the Foundation has strengthened the efforts to develop R&D cooperation with raw material suppliers as well as innovative research and international cooperation research to enhance the research work of BY-HEALTH to the international leading level. 

The Foundation has been operated for five years. It has by far developed 17 scientific research cooperation projects with domestic and international colleges and universities, research institutions and top three hospitals, and also started joint cultivation of doctoral candidates with University of Aberdeen. 

Nutrition Scientific Research Foundation